Powercity 9000 alpha v1.4

Hi everyone,

A big update for Powercity 9000 released today, this new update is the biggest update yet. It includes a new main menu style, and many other features.


  • Added barn color variant
  • Added palm tree
  • Added cactus
  • Added object placement restriction into the game (needs more work)
  • Added object placement restriction option (PType)[MODDING]
  • Added custom object placement restriction for each object (needs more work)
  • Added minimap textures
  • Added font effect to the main menu
  • Added full functionality to the language files 
  • Added new language: Dutch
  • Added language menu  
  • Added language modding system [MODDING]
  • Added "9000" texture variants
  • Added new "Powercity" texture
  • Added ""9000" logo color" option in gameplay menu
  • Added ""Powercity" logo" option in gameplay menu
  • Added "Debug mode" option in gameplay menu [ONLY USEFUL FOR DEVELOPERS]
  • Added "Button background color" option in gameplay menu
  • Added "Invert scrolling" option in gameplay menu
  • Added more resolutions for bigger screens
  • Added display of more/less buttons on bigger/smaller resolutions
  • Added inability to scroll when your resolution is big enough to fit the whole menu
  • Added font characters
  • Added multiple error text colors
  • Added error text twitter interaction
  • Added slow late update for the mouse text (cool effect)
  • Changed main menu background world
  • Changed some object parameters 
  •  Changed font size
  • Changed font color
  • Changed scrolling help texture
  • Changed scrolling help position
  • Changed checked icon
  • Changed not checked icon
  • Changed mousetext colors
  • Changed mousetext font effects
  • Changed logo position on bigger resolutions
  • Changed parking space tile name
  • Changed parking space texture
  • Changed language file structure
  • Changed American English language file
  • Changed main menu colors
  • Changed mouse text colors and look/style
  • Changed mouse texture  
  • Changed mouse texture for deleting stuff 
  • Changed JAT Games logo and position
  • Changed errortext size, position and code
  • Changed some font characters
  • Changed main menu style/structure
  • Changed FPS counter
  • Changed all menus
  • Changed menu text style in-game
  • Fixed objects being visible when intersecting with the button textures
  • Fixed wrong distance between objects in the gui when using "LU" and "RU" parameters on the object 
  • Fixed game updating when not being active
  • Fixed mousetext font imperfections
  • Fixed background scrolling on bigger resolutions
  • Removed humans until they're optimized
  • Removed old button textures from the main menu
  • Removed font type option
  • Removed second font
  • Removed bar main menu texture
  • Removed barselect main menu texture
  • Removed old FPS counter class
  • Improved and refactored main menu code
  • Updated main menu look
  • Updated "ModdingHelp.txt"
  • Updated "Bugs.txt"

I hope you'll enjoy this update!

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