Update on inactivity + current alpha v1.3.3 changes

Hi there
Sorry for the inactivity. I'm busy with school, and I'm currently not able to work much on the game. 
I'll try to release the new Powercity 9000 update asap, when my finals are done.

Current Powercity 9000 alpha v1.3.3 changes:

  • Added palm tree
  • Added barn color variant
  • Added cactus
  • Added object placement restriction into the game
  • Added object placement restriction option (PType)[MODDING]
  • Added custom object placement restriction for each object [not finished]
  • Added minimap textures
  • Added survival mode option to the new game menu [MODE NOT READY]
  • Changed main menu background world
  • Changed some object parameters 
  • Changed main menu button textures
  • Changed main menu code 
  • Changed scrolling help texture
  • Fixed objects being visible when intersecting with the button textures
  • Fixed wrong distance between objects in the gui when using "LU" and "RU" parameters on the object 
  • Fixed game updating when not being active
  • Removed humans until they're optimized
  • Removed old button textures from the main menu

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